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"El banco está entre la calle Aguilar y la calle Ortega."

Translation:The bank is between Aguilar street and Ortega street.

March 16, 2018



"The bank is between Aguilar and Ortega streets" I know this is not a literal translation, however it flows better in English.


It's accepted now.


It sounds odd to me tho

[deactivated user]

    I agree report it


    I wrote " The bank is between the Aguilar street and Ortega street", which is wrong because I used "the".


    Street should be capitalized, no? Aguilar Street and Ortega Street.


    You mean in the English translation, right?


    Most likely, cuz there is no "street" in the Spanish.

    Anyway, Duo ignores case.

    [deactivated user]

      After further considering this statement. I would like to ask. Would somebody then be wrong to ask. Well which street is the bank on?


      El Paseo de la Reforma. ;)

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      I wondered about that too. If I were being given directions, I'd have to ask your question!


      It's easy to see a context for this sentence. You might come across a stranger walking down Bank St.


      I live in Spain where, when giving directions in English, you would not translate Calle with Street, but leave it in Spanish: 'The bank is between calle Aguilar and calle Ortega.'


      Yes I went for that and got marked wrong. It seems odd to translate a street or place name

      [deactivated user]

        To be totally honest. Where I'm from we don't even say the word street much. We would just say the bank is between Aguilar and Ortega. (Street) is just implied.. But I'm learning Spanish and wondering if it is the same in those countries?


        I agree. In some cases, we may say 'street' once. Saying it twice (after each street name) would be unnecessary and redundant. DuoLingo does allow this, but only in the plural. The bank is between Aguilar and Ortega streets.


        I don't know about Spanish speaking countries, but in the Netherlands we definitely still do say 'street'. If you leave that out, hardly anyone will understand what you are trying to say.


        Is it correct to say, "El banco está entre las calles Aguilar y Ortega"?


        It should be fine. That's the way I would phrase it. But what do I know? I'm no owl. ;)


        "The bank is between the Aguilar street and the Ortega street" wasn't accepted. Why?


        As you might guess comparing your answer to Duo's answer, we normally would not use "the" in English here before the street name.


        I very foolishly translated it to what I would actually say in English in the circumstances: 'The bank is between Calle Aguilar and Calle Ortega'

        Marked wrong, and justifiably, because it doesn't demonstrate an ability to translate the words provided. Another example that Duolingo answers would be at best the first rough draft of what you'd actually go for if you were translating a story, article or work document.


        Why is it not "entre de?" "Detrás de" was used in this lesson.


        "entre" is a preposition that means "between" all by itself.

        But "detras" is an adverb that means "behind" by itself, and needs to be paired with "de" to become a prepositional phrase that still means "behind" and can now be used with a noun.


        Awesome thank you, this makes sense!


        How are we supposed to know how to spell street names correctly?


        The bank is between the two streets, so why write" Aguilar street and Ortega street", when you can say between Aguilar and Ortega Streets?


        Both ways are correct.


        Thank you EdNed2, but it was given to me as being wrong.


        When you are translating, you should try to reflect the style of the original as much as possible.


        She is saying otera not ortega


        Wish Duo wouldn't keep failing me for misspelling proper nouns such as Aguilar, that's hardly the point is it?


        Between Aguilar and Ortega street should also be accepted.


        That's exactly what I wrote!!


        The bank is between the streets Aguilar and Ortega


        The abbreviation St. should be accepted for street


        St. is in the database, so you probably had a different error and are blaming the abbreviation. If it was me, I would write it out though since it's written out in the Spanish.

        [deactivated user]

          I agree report it


          Got marked wrong because I put aguila instead of aguilar!


          stop with the names of streets for heaven's sake.

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