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"I will run and you will walk."

Translation:jIqet 'ej bIyIt.

March 16, 2018



Are tenses taught later? To me this looks like 'I run and you walk'.

[deactivated user]

    Klingon verbs don't mark tense, so it could be past, present or future. Most of the time, you can tell tense from context or time adverbs. But these beginning sentences are trying to keep it simple, so no context or adverbs. Thus, you can put any of the three tenses.


    ...How do you pronounce "blylt"? It's specially hard for me to imagine... It's like... "blilt?" or "blu-ylt?" (I wish this had audio...).


    It's not blylt; it's bIyIt. Those are two capital i's, not lowercase L's.

    A Klingon I (capital i) sounds like the "i" in English "it", more or less, so it sounds a bit like "bit-yit" without the -t- in the middle. (But not like "bee-yit"; the first syllable should still have the vowel of "bit" even though it doesn't have a consonant at the end -- not something that's possible in English.)

    Klingon y is never a vowel. It's always the consonant/semivowel/glide (whatever you want to call it) in "yes" or "yellow" or "you".


    Oh! That does help a lot! (silly mistake of mine, but the mixed lowcase/uppercase used in klingon does look a bit confusing at first...). Thank you for the super fast and detailed answer! Qapla'!


    You can download a tool for the klingon sound


    It is called "Klingon Text-to-speech engine" from D.L. Younge Mallo. You can find it in the Google Playstore and you can also download the dictonary for klingon with is both german and english (dont know why two in one). To have the sound you will also need the tool app.

    The Text-to-speech engine is a tool so you won't find it as an app it will ne installed on yoyr cellphone and you will be able to use it but you wont see it like other apps.


    Though it's not really necessary anymore since we've finally been able to add audio to the course.

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