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What level do you need to get to in Czech before being able to communicate?

At level 9 at the moment and hazarding a wild guess based on my progress I'm supposing that level 300 would be what I'd need to sit in a pub and half a chat that didn't just involve "I see the cat" and "She's a nice wife but a bit fat." (Both of which I'm really happy I can now say)

Anyone that is not a native Czech speaker gone from zero to hero here and now successfully embarrassing themselves in pleasant company through Czechglish? If so, around what level was your tipping point?

March 16, 2018



i'm pondering the next version of the tree. if you have a wishlist for the enhanced vocab/convo topics to suit your czenglish needs, do share as you await the arrival of the zero-to-hero crowd. good luck either way! (with 2000 apparent words, you will need luck for sure at any level.)


Hello now i will say i do not do all my Czech study on Duo lingo. I have been tested into (University purposes) level B1 on the European standards and can communicate fairly well and with ease on day to day things and topics of interest but i will also add that at level 11 i have been struggling the past few levels with appropriate grammar uses when doing the translating portions of the courses so grammatically speaking if you just boosted your vocabulary and forced yourself to communicate regularly with a Czech speaker then you could advance quite quickly. again this is my opinion and i have a horrid time with grammar regardless of language so maybe this is just me but i am finding conversation to flow much smoother in my conversational lessons than before and to be honest aside from reading duo is where i do most of my grammar work so... its different for everyone but if you have the motivation conversations will happen in no time.

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