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"A norg is biting my ring finger!"

Translation:qewwI'wIj choptaH norgh!

March 16, 2018



Another possible answer that could be accepted: "The norg is gnawing my finger"

March 16, 2018


"gnawing on my ring finger" was already accepted. I've added "gnawing my ring finger" now.

March 17, 2018


Rejected for lack of the !

October 28, 2018


Do you have a screen cap. The software is not supposed to pay any attention to punctuation and I would guess that there was some other sort of error. If you have a screen cap we can find the actual error or, if there really was no other error, then we can send the picture on to the programmers so they can figure out what went wrong.

October 28, 2018
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