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"The source is no longer being used."

Translation:Die Quelle wird nicht mehr genutzt.

March 16, 2018


[deactivated user]

    So how do you translate :-

    The source will no longer be used?


    Die Quelle wird nicht mehr genutzt werden.

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks. So, the werden at the end in German is absolutely necessary to make the future tense?


      Technically it's the first ‘werden’ (conjugated to ‘wird’) that is making it future, and it is absolutely necessary to make it grammatically future, although the future meaning could conceivably be expressed with a present tense, given enough context.

      The ‘werden’ at the end is making the verb passive, it corresponds to the english ‘be’ in the equivalent English sentence ‘the source will no longer be used’.


      Werden has 3 meanings/functions. 1) form future tense, 2) form passive voice, and 3) to become. That last werden in the sentence you are asking about is for passive voice, the earlier wird is enough for future tense.


      What's wrong with 'Die Quelle ist nicht mehr in gebrauch'?


      Why is this considered as a future tense sentence? It appears to be present to me. Is "Die Quelle hat nicht mehr genutzt." wrong?


      Sameer, werden has three different uses.

      1) future tense: werden is auxiliary + an infinitive main verb; 2) passive voice: werden is auxiliary + a past participle main verb; 3) intransitive: werden is the main verb, meaning to become/get/turn.

      In the sentence at the top, it is use case #2

      [deactivated user]

        That's the way the passive voice is formed in German, where we use "to be" (sein), the use werden.


        Why can't it be "Die Herkunft wird nicht mehr genutzt"?

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