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  5. "DIvI' Hol yaj'a' torgh?"

"DIvI' Hol yaj'a' torgh?"

Translation:Does Torg understand English?

March 16, 2018


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"Does Torg understand Standard?" Is apparently incorrect, even though divi' also means 'Federation Standard'??


Because that’s not the context of this particular sentence.

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Oh really? Then why is "Does Torg understand Federation Standard" accepted? From Memory Beta (asterisks added for emphasis) "Federation Standard, *more commonly referred to as Standard or Standard Tongue*, and sometimes as Galacta, Earth Basic, Anglish, English, or Terranglo, is the official language of the United Federation of Planets, used in official documents by the Federation government and used as signage on Federation starships"


So far, this course generally uses Federation Standard and/or English for DIvI' Hol.

In-universe, I suppose it could stand for any of those alternative names; in practice, it's generally best translated as "English" and I would recommend that you use that name on this course.


Blimey alright then, I don’t know a lot about Star Trek so I’m gonna go...


Would Federation Standard be a fancier, more proper, I dare say, to say English.


"Does Torg understand Federation Standard?" is also accepted.

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