Translation:the Klingon vowel e

March 16, 2018



This is the name of the letter e in the Latin alphabet?


This is the name of the Klingon letter which is represented by e when writing Klingon using the Latin alphabet.


According to this https://hol.kag.org/ it means "fore"


It also means that. But in this case, it is referring to the Klingon letter.


Remember to put the apostrophe at the start. It is a full letter of the alphabet and is called a qaghwI'. The "sound" it makes is called a glottal stop and it's really a stopping of sound rather than a making of sound. In English, when we say words that start with vowels we usually start with the glottis closed, so we actually make a lot of glottal stops, but we don't mark them in any way, so we don't even consciously realize it. So to an English speaking ear, we don't hear anything before they e in 'et, when really we do make a glottal stop. In Klingon you have to mark that with a qaghwI'. No Klingon word starts with a vowel, even though it can sound like it to English speakers.


According to boQwI' 'et also means bow or vowel. I do not understand the use of this particular exercise if the meaning of 'et can only be guessed by context, yet there is no context given. No offense, I really just don't understand :)


'et does not mean "bow" or "vowel". I just checked my boQwI' to see what was going on and I cannot find any entry saying that. What did you type in the search bar to get that info?


I know where it comes from.

As 'et means fore, Duj 'et means bow and in some contexts 'et would be sufficient to mean bow.

As 'et means the vowel e, it would be easy for a student to extract simply vowel from that.

The exercise accepts various forms of e and the vowel e plus fore but not bow.


This was pronounced like the English word "at". It did not sound anything like 'et :(


Was it the male or female audio? Was it the exercise audio or the word link audio?


It was a male voice and it was a "type what you hear" question. I posted the screenshot in the KLI Discord.

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