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Really vs quite (ganz)


I've just started the qualifiers lesson in German and i found out a problem in my English.

It says that "ganz" as an adverb can intensify or de-intensify a word. for example :

Der Film war ganz gut. ( the film was quite nice)

Der Film war ganz toll. (The film was really great)

Now I'm not sure why really is an intensifier and quite is a de-intensifier in English. Am I getting anything wrong or there's truly a difference between "really" and "quite"?

Would be thankful for your help :-)

March 16, 2018



As far as I can see, it's similar to 'quite', which can either mean 'absolutely and entirely' or 'to a moderate degree', depending on tone and context.


to me there is a great difference between really and quite.

the film was quite good: it was'nt bad but it was'nt that great either.

the film was really good: it was totally great. could hardly be better.

well thats how i understand it.


Got it.Thanks a lot!

Just one other thing: so " he will give us quite a show " can't have the meaning " he will give us a perfect show"? Or sometimes quite means this also?


it can sometimes, with "he will give us quite a show" i would expect something awesome. so it depends on the situation or the context i guess...

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You only gave us the English sentence; but a perfect show is not the same as quite a show. "Quite a show" can be a bad show, or whatever.


A perfect mess, a perfect horror, a perfect fright...

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