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  5. "paq laDlaH'a' qoqmey?"

"paq laDlaH'a' qoqmey?"

Translation:Can robots read books?

March 16, 2018



Why is books plural if the sentence uses "paq" not "paqmey"?


The plural suffixes are optional in Klingon. The noun without the plural suffix can still be used to refer to plural items. paq might refer to a single book or multiple books. paqmey can only refer to multiple books. There is no marker to specify that only the singular should be considered, but often the verb prefix can make it clear how many of the subject and object there are, as is the case here.

There is a special verb prefix lu- which must be used when there is a plural subject and a singular object. Since the -mey on qoq makes it clear that the subject is plural, then if the object was singular, you would need to use the lu- prefix. The absence of the lu- prefix tells us that since the subject is plural, the object must also be plural.

However, the lu- prefix has not been taught yet at this point in the course, so perhaps the sentence is too confusing. We will consider removing it or moving to later in the course.

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