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  5. "quSwIjDaq ba' yIH."

"quSwIjDaq ba' yIH."

Translation:A tribble sits on my chair.

March 16, 2018



Won't be singular for long...

[deactivated user]

    Yeah, pretty soon, it'll be "yIH vImuS"!


    I think the weird music at the beginning of that scene increases the horror.


    If quSDaq bIba' is an idiom meaning, more or less, "that's obvious," then surely this must be some kind of variation on that idiom. A sarcastic one, maybe?

    If it isn't already a saying, it should be! ;-) Suggestions for its meaning? (Assuming it doesn't already have one, of course.)


    You know how people say, "someone just walked over my grave," after giving an involuntary shudder? That should be its meaning :-)


    That's an interesting thought, but I'm not sure how it relates to tribbles and chairs. :-)

    Given that quSDaq bIba' means - or rather, has an alternate, idiomatic meaning of - "Well, that (what you just said) is obvious!" (Or, more colloquially, "Well, duh!"), I was thinking a tribble on the chair would be somehow related to that, trying to keep this at least somewhat grounded in reality. So, maybe the tribble version would mean something like "Tell me something I DON'T know!" As in, "the obvious facts are piling up in here," just like tribbles multiply and pile up exponentially?

    Or alternately, if someone is laying on the B.S. - "It's getting thick in here!" :-D Maybe?


    Of course, I don't see why we couldn't use the expression neH molwIjDaq yItpu' yIH 'a tribble has just walked on my grave.' Or, would neH molwIj DungDaq yItpu' yIH sound better?

    Bearing in mind that none of these are anything approaching Klingon canon, of course. We're just making stuff up, for fun. :)


    I like the "piling up" metaphor - though it would have to be related to horrible problems I suppose - perhaps the equivalent of s**tstorm..

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