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  5. "You will take that class."

"You will take that class."

Translation:Usted va a tomar esa clase.

March 16, 2018



Va a tomar esa clase - not accepted?! Reported


The translation seems wrong to me. I would have thought that "Usted va a tomar..." would be "You are going to take..." whereas "You will take..." would be "Usted tomará...".


Tu tomaras esa clase no sirve?


De veras? Tu vas a tomar esa clase tampoco no sirve?


Brand new sentence to DuoLingo, looks like it's only been set up with one right answer, we need to just "report" the various options for them to add.


"Tomarás esa clase" not accepted... -_-


Porqué no es "vas a tomar esa clase"?


It's correct, it just hasn't been entered into the database yet


The tone of the sentence suggests that it's an order. Shouldn't it be the imperative form: Usted tome la clase?


The imperative isn't actually about orders, it is about the way you address a person or group. The phrase "You will take that class" is describing/indicating to the person (you) what will happen. The imperative form would be "Take that class". You are not talking about the event, you are directly telling, or suggesting to the person to participate. The imperative can be very polite. For example "Enjoy your meal" is imperative while "You will enjoy your meal" is indicative.


I see your point. Without context one can't assume whether the it is imperative or not. However,I take issue with it being marked wrong. It should be accepted as an alternative answer.


Harás tomar esa clase

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