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  5. "长城很长,故宫很大。"


Translation:The Great Wall of China is long, the Forbidden City is big.

March 16, 2018



When you hear "the Great Wall" you automatically think "of China". Wouldn't referring back to the country be redundant because I don't know of any other country having "The Great Wall"? I'm American and my friends all refer to "The Great Wall of China" as "The Great Wall".


That's the full name, actually. "The Great Wall" is the commonly used and generally more idiomatic short form for the reasons you mentioned.


Actually it's a mistake that even Chinese do a lot. The Forbidden City and 故宫 are not exactly the same thing. The Forbidden City is 紫禁城 (Purple Forbidden City where purple refers to the North Star). Whereas 故宫 is the Imperial Palace that is within the walls. There are two Imperial Palaces in China: one in Beijing (北京故宫) and one in Shenyang (沈阳故宫). Surprisingly the Chinese Wikipedia makes this difference but not the English Wikipedia.


What is the literal translation of the characters for Forbidden City?


故官 or 禁城:
故 - ancient
官 - palace, court

禁 - forbidden
城 - city

It used to be the residence of kings and there could be no trees so there were no places for assassins to hide (among other reasons). It is "ancient" palace complex as it was completed in 1420 and has been the former Chinese imperial palace from the Ming dynasty to the end of the Qing dynasty, and today houses the Palace Museum.


The Great Wall of China is long, The Forbidden City very large. marked wrong, too bad.


Is it still wrong without the "very" for large? Duolingo usually adds 很 to make it sound more grammatically correct.


Understatements, both


Where do they mention China? Even it is suppose the be the only one on the world , when you do a translation , it isn´t necesary to put China. Am I correct?

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