"¿Ya compraron ustedes los vinos?"

Translation:Did you already buy the wines?

March 16, 2018


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'Wine' is the same singular and plural in English if referring to an unspecified wine - a glass of wine, two glasses of wine, ten bottles of wine. If you are specifying a wine you may say - I bought two different French wines; Unspecified - I bought two bottles of French wine.

March 16, 2018


For this sentence, I think both wine and wines should be accepted. Wine can be either uncountable as in your examples or countable.



I agree with elizadeux. Either could be correct depending on the context.


"did you already buy the wine" should be the default. reported


How did you report it.... there was no option to comment on the correct answer in English at 23/11/2018


I thought 'ustedes' was a formal form of address - 'guys' sounds far too informal!


Agree and very annoying! Duo! Watch your language! I may be old fashioned but was brought up to limit the "you guys" phrase, especially in writing.


In Latin America, "ustedes" is always used in place of "vosotros".


It accepts "y'all" for "ustedes."


In Spain maybe, but in many Latin American countries 'vosotros' is not used so 'ustedes' is used in both informal and formal situations.


This is what I used to think as well however I've seen several sources say that only 'usted' implies formality... not 'ustedes'. This still feels weird to me though.


By the way, I hate it when people refer to a group I'm included in as "you guys" — just sounds familiar to the point of being rude when the group includes a female.


Why is it you guys?


Duo started using the terrible 'you guys' to differentiate 'ustedes' from other words meaning 'you'. Poor choice on their part I think. Just translate 'ustedes' as 'you' and you'll be fine.


The use of you guys seems odd as the answer. Why not just YOU.


Try to just ignore it like I do and translate 'ustedes' as 'you' like it is supposed to be.


Where did "guys" sneak in from? Not seen duo do this before. :-(


What is the Spanish word for "guys"?


This is a new thing Duo is doing (translating Ustedes as you guys). It feels a little weird to me as traditionally Ustedes was the plural form for 'you'. I prefer the word 'chicos' for 'guys' however Spanish is not my native language so take that with a grain of salt.


It's not translating "ustedes" as "guys", it's translating it as "you guys".


same difference. It should just be 'you'.. no 'guys'.


There needed to be a way to let people know it was plural. Everyone complained about "you all" and now duo is using "you guys". If "you" was used by itself, there is no way to know that the plural "you" was what was meant.


Impractical and misleading solution to something that is simply not an issue. It is up to the user to practice what they know. Thus, there is no reason to delineate between the different versions. Especially in a way that impedes learning. Many take the reverse course to practice their English. This is causing harm to their learning process and ours.


I agree... but how else is duo able to specify that the "you" is meant to be plural where the learner reads the English sentence and translates to Spanish? If "you" was used alone, many would translate it as singular (which would not be incorrect) and not learn the plural usage. I don't like "you all" or "you guys". I simply write "you", but I understand why duo is using them.


I would use "all of you" or just "all". Both are good forms. "You all" and "you guys" are slangy and colloquial and shouldn't be used when language is being taught.

I have posted before that I wish Duo would use "all of you" to help with context. Guess they don't like the idea.


I'm saying that there is no need for Duo to make this distinction especially if it creates a misconception on the part of the learner. If someone wanted to learn English from Spanish they would have to get use to the fact that 'you' can be singular and plural. Just like English speakers have to learn that Spanish uses different words for the same thing. So again, it is an unnecessary complication.


What about 'muchachos'? Or 'compadres'?


If you say 'the wines', I think that is asking about various ones (say the red and the white) that would go with different things. Either wine or wines should be fine.


"Did y'all already buy the wines" Accepted 6/19/2019 Yee-Haw


Also, "y'all" is way better than "you guys." It is less gendered.


Buy "the wines"? That seems like a very awkward translation. I've never heard that term used. Apparently it's used in Spanish, but how? What's the context. Because it sounded so odd, I omitted "the" and just said "buy wines." Of course it was marked wrong.


compraron can mean they bought aswell!!


Yes... 'compraron' is 3rd person plural past tense of 'comprar' (to buy).

Edit However, you would say 'Did you already bought...' in English so it doesn't work in this case.


Wine covers one glass or a train load of wine. The plural is not necessary.


Agreed that "buy the wine" is correct in English and should be accepted by DL. They've done this same thing with "fruits" too.


I wrote "Did you already buy the wines?", and it was rejected. I knew I was talking to a group, so I'm not appreciating the fact that it was marked incorrect. I guess in the future, I'll write "you all".


'Did you already buy the wines" was accepted for me. Maybe you had an error that you didn't notice?


Why isn´t : "have you guys bought the wines yet" accepted?


I think because the sentence doesn't use "have".


I forgot to include "already", so I agree that my translation was incorrect. But Duo gave the wrong reason that it was incorrect: "You used the plural "wines" here, instead of the singular 'wine'."

What is funny is that the singular "wine" wasn't even one of the choices among the words provided.

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