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  5. "You run and we jump."

"You run and we jump."

Translation:Suqet 'ej maSup.

March 16, 2018



With the answers given, yes that is the only correct response. However, if the you was singluar wouldn't bIqet 'ej maSup also be correct?


Yes, that is also a possability.


I was given additionally "bIqet 'ej maSup" as a response option, but it was marked incorrect. The "report" options for this type of question don't seem to cover this type of error.


bIqet 'ej maSup is an accepted translation, so it should not have been chosen as a distractor (an incorrect option) in a multiple-choice exercise -- I'm not sure what happened in your case.

Can you provide a screenshot the next time something like this happens, please?


I've moved past that question now, so screenshot possibility is lost. However, I did note (after posting) that the response was transcribed "Biqet" (capital B, lowercase i). I know Duolingo seems to capitalize the start of all words (which isn't great for Klingon) but there is no lowercase "i" in Klingon. Perhaps that is something to do with it?


Possibly - but I thought that Duolingo ignored capitalisation in exercises (even though that's bad for Klingon, where you have to keep qach and Qach separate).

Ah well.


I can confirm. I had both {bIqet} and {Suqet} present at one point. Additionally, the first word is capitalized.


I just this question, I will take a screenshot, but how do I show you? Also were 4 words in the singular you distractor:


I will take a screenshot, but how do I show you?

Please upload it to a website somewhere -- the easiest option may be imgur, but any image-sharing website such as Flickr will work, or even something like Google Docs or Dropbox, as long as it's set to "public" or "shared with everyone who has the link".

Then take the link/URL of the image and post it in a comment here.

Thank you!


the way i remember it, is "his kit and my soup"

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