"The bathroom's lamp is green."

Translation:La lampada del bagno è verde.

March 21, 2013

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Is it correct to say "lampada di bagno"?


Apparently not. The single most difficult part of learning Italian for me so far is trying to learn when to say "di" and when to say "del". As of now I am still guessing


I asked an Italian friend and the best explanation was di is for possession i.e. "la lampada di Maria" but del is used for "of the/in the". As the bathroom can't own the lamp (the lamp is is merely in the bathroom), del is used rather than di. I'm not sure if this is 100% correct but that is how it was explained to me by a native speaker :-)


Same question. It would be good to get a confirmation and/or an explanation -- sorry duolingo, but the fact that a sentence is not accepted is not a 100% indication that it is incorrect...


Why not "verda" ? I understood that when referring to a female noun, colours end in "a"... e.g. rossa, nera, gralla etc. Any ideas?


When the adjective ends in -e, it only changes when pluralized and takes an -i, but it does not change for singular masc/fem nouns. Here are a few examples:

  • la scarpa verde/le scarpe verdi
  • il cappotto marrone/i cappotti marroni
  • la cintura arancione/le cinture arancioni


Thanks! :-)

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