"Vivimos en la ciudad por mucho tiempo."

Translation:We lived in the city for a long time.

7 months ago



Could this translate to "We have lived in the city for a long time" as well? I'm confused as to whether or not this sentence means they are currently still living in the city.

4 months ago


"Have lived" would be "hemos vivido". I think? I am learning here as well, so don't take my word for it. Still, if something happened in the past, but is still ongoing, it would be a present perfect tense, so "hemos vivido".

That's a concept introduced later in Duolingo. So for now, it's safer to assume this happened in the past and that's that.

2 months ago


Does "por mucho tiempo" automatically signify past tense? Or could this sentence also be understood in the present tense?

7 months ago


I think you could use it in past, present or future tense.

5 months ago


Ok I forgot "the" but this is not a course in english

4 months ago
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