Competitive Overachiever Club

Competitive XP Racing Streak Stacking. Club Code - EC5548

March 17, 2018


What is a club?

March 17, 2018

It’s what some people do for competition stuff.

March 17, 2018

Oh cool is it on computers?

March 17, 2018

Not for now (maybe in the future), but today only the mobile apps. Not only can you compete, but I hear you can communicate, too, with your club members.

PS: I love your username :)

March 17, 2018

Oh thanks. I love to read books so yeah

March 17, 2018

Same :) I partly learn more languages to be able to read more books.

March 18, 2018

what kind of books do you read?

March 21, 2018

cool yeah that's probably one of my goals to:) also so i can travel and raid awesome libraries

March 19, 2018
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