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Leveling System Questions

Hello, I Just recently started using Duolingo. I have already self studied Japanese to around the JLPT N2 level proficiency before using Duolingo so I went ahead and skipped the content and have completed all the sections. Despite this I am only level 9 and I noticed that many people are up to lvl 25. Is there content that I am missing out on or is the leveling system designed with repetition and not proficiency leveling?

March 17, 2018



Level is based purely on XP, nothing else. Also, I think currently the course is only designed to cover N5 (at least kanji-wise it is anyway).


I see so would I be right to assume my level 9 and be comfortable with that? There's no point in me reviewing any of the material.


If you add up all the lessons within all 40 skills in the tree, there are 185 lessons in total. You get 10 XP for completing each lesson.

10 XP x 185 = 1,850 XP

You can see the XP required for each level here:

  • Level 9 = 1,650 XP
  • Level 10 = 2,250 XP
  • Level 25 = 30,000 XP (the highest level)

So level 9 is the expected level for completing the 185 lessons one time each. ^^

There are some more sentences you can encounter on repeating skills than what you encounter on the first run through. But it's not going to be anything new to someone who is around N2-ish proficiency anyway.

Timed practice will probably still be a decent challenge for you. Also, I assume you are already typing the Japanese answers rather than using the ridiculously easy word tiles?

I see you've already started doing the reverse tree (English from Japanese)? It's much more beneficial to do than this course and should be a good match for N2 proficiency level. I love it for sentence composition practice. ^^


Ah okay, thanks for the information. I'll Just smack this reverse tree out of the way too :D!


The levels, as others have pointed out, don’t mean much. I’m level 11 in Japanese, but I’m N1, and have been for over 15 years now, maybe 20. And in German I’m level 15, but haven’t finished the tree. In French I’m level 15, but I’m fluent and have a Masters degree. In Spanish I’m level 20, but I’m really intermediate at best.

It would be great to see a more realistic level based on ability. It would be really cool to see higher level courses, and kanji practice for Japanese, and stories. I’ve found the stories in Spanish very helpful.

Anyway, levels based on testing would be awesome. You could have xp (effort) and levels (results).

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