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  5. "pIchchuq DuraS ghawran je."

"pIchchuq DuraS ghawran je."

Translation:Duras and Gowron blamed each other.

March 17, 2018



This course is beginning to sound like the average family. Hating, blaming, fighting...


How is "chch" pIchchuq pronounced? Is it two /t͡ʃ/'s or is it /t͡ʃː/


Officially you should fully pronounce both of them with even a little aspiration between. However, many speakers actually don't aspirate it and instead cut the first fricative with the stop needed for the second plosive. Whatever you do, don't just make one "ch" sound and don't just hold the fricative portion a little longer.


Thank you! Loving the course so far. The only thing bugging me is all of those names! I think i am going to learn a new word but in reality it is just another Klingon.


I agree. It’s hard to know o first glance what’s a word and what’s a Klingon. Great course though.


Why isn't Gowron and Duras blamed each other correct?


DuraS ghawran je most straightforwardly means "Duras and Gowron", in that order.

"Gowron and Duras" would be a better translation of ghawran DuraS je.

If you are experimenting with alternative word orders to test the flexibility of Duolingo, please don't -- I'm sure we've got enough real errors left that can take up our time sorting through the reports without wasting (as I see it) our time going through reports that merely suggest non-default word orders or ways to say something.


I'm not sure why you would switch the order of their names. It's possible that the original author of the sentence wanted the names to be in a particular order, so if there isn't a reason to switch the order, please keep them the same.


As far as I can tell, no other course on Duolingo allows switching of elements in a "A and B" phrase...


Not true. Unless you don’t count languages where they can be switched. Can they be switched in Klingon without an error?

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