"What is that religious movement?"

Translation:Quel est ce mouvement religieux ?

March 17, 2018



Why not "Qu'est ce mouvement religieux"

March 17, 2018


As est ce is an inversion of c'est it needs to be hyphenated. Having said that qu'est-ce doesn't really make much sense - it is like asking "What is religious movement?"

Quel is an adjective so, when a question is about a noun, it's a good bet that quel (or one of its variants) will be used. Quel is placed either directly before a noun or the conjugated form of the verb "ĂȘtre ".

March 17, 2018


qu'est-ce que ce movement religieux

would that be acceptable?

January 15, 2019


Is this wrong? C'est quoi ce mouvement religieux?

September 10, 2018
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