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"The farmer is the owner of the ranch."

Translation:El granjero es el dueño de la hacienda.

March 17, 2018



I put "el granjero es el dueño del rancho" and was marked wrong. The first thing I thought of was the song "Rancho Grande". Well, I'm going to report it and say my answer should be counted as correct.


i decided to make the rancher feminine and wrote: la ranchera es la duena de la hacienda. am I incorrect?


Why must the article precede "dueño"? I figured "owner" would be equivalent to having an occupation (Ella es maestra) and left it out. It is even acceptable English without "el".


Because it's "the owner" rather than "an owner". "Ella es maestra" is "she is a teacher", not "she is the teacher".


in Colombia farmer is campesino. It should be accepted.


Why el granjero and not el campesino?


the suggested word the site gave for farmer was agricultora but it doesn't accept that as the right word in this phrase?


Why not "propietario", I reported it


What's the difference between " el dueño de la hacienda" and " el dueño del hacienda". Why the second one is not accepted?


"Del" is a contraction of "de el", and "el" is used only with masculine nouns (for example, "of the car" is "del coche"). Since '"hacienda" is feminine, we have to use "la" instead of "el". There isn't any contraction for "de la", so we have to say "de la hacienda".


El dueño de una hacienda se llama un hacendado.

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