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Did the vocabulary and grammar come naturally to you after a while?

[deactivated user]

    It's been four days and I am currently on level 9. Some of this grammar and vocabulary is killing me, especially the verb conjugations. Will I understand it more later?

    March 17, 2018



    It is sort of like a ... marriage , comes to mind.

    There are good days, there are bad days.
    It is always a work in progress.
    And it always requires work.

    New things keep on popping up.
    New challenges,
    New ways to view the world,
    New connections.

    Yet what it requires most,
    Is not to be scared,
    To be ok to try, and also at times to fail.
    Yet not give up.

    on hope.

    To keep on striving.
    Keep seeking the fun and connection.
    Don't stand for rubbish,
    Yes : seek excellence,
    Yet always remember to laugh.

    Practice helps a lot.
    Repetition and consistency they also count.
    Yet it is when you also let joy and ...
    well the little bit of serendipity
    to always be there.

    To not strive to be in control. To not assume,
    Yet not lose control in yourself.
    To be ok to keep trying new things,
    and asking questions.

    And in all that, while allowing change,
    To also never stop your journey.

    And who knows what treasures you may find.

    ( ps -this all just dribbled out - and I am yet to review the dribble ;P
    Those that know me will understand ... )


    To the question :

    Did the vocabulary and grammar come naturally to you after a while

    In short - not for me ( as yet ).
    Yet bits do dribble through,
    Even for me.


    And continuing to immerse yourself will pay the best and quickest dividends.
    Remember you also need to have fun, and ... be ok that you will get things wrong.

    Remember to learn not from one source, but as many as you can, and in directions that your interest and passions lead you.

    Engage with your target language in music, movies, conversations, games, sports, radio, podcasts, cooking, getting dressed ( yes name your clothes in your target language and be ok to call them out load by name). Talk to toys and imaginary friends in your target language. Have fun with it.
    And seek connections in your real community. You are most likely going to be surprised at what wonderful doors it will open for you.

    And remember it is ok to trip up, then choose to get up, and keep on being AMAZING !

    [deactivated user]

      As a person who has become fluent in another language I can say that vocabulary and grammar eventually comes naturally. When you repeat certain phrases, like introductions for example, you eventually stop thinking of the translation and respond automatically. It's a matter of recognizing repeated patterns. How many times do you need to hear or say "Que est-ce que tu veux? before you automatically know it means "What do you want?" And you would know that the answer, whatever it is, starts with "Je veux..." or if you want to be more polite "Je voudrais..." So pick up some sentence mining habits of having snippets of phrases to put together and you'll find variations of known pieces much easier than deriving every single word every single time. This is how we learned our native languages anyways, so look up sentence mining in YouTube for more information. Of course, from one French enthusiast to another, je voudrais te dire bonne chance ou bon courage avec ton français mon ami!


      I have been working on the new crown format for a while and find that the many repetitions have helped my retention greatly and yes the answers are now coming naturally.


      When is it coming Jaye? (she pleads....)


      It's already on the mobile app and some learners have received it on the web in the last few days so I'm hoping it will be really soon.


      shhhhh - patience my admired and treasured padowan. ;P

      There are things where we must show patience.

      ( not that you are a padowan in ANY way. I just like the way it sounded. I hope you excuse me. In fact I think it is in the reverse, and here I am to serve you. )


      Crikey Linda! You nerd!. I didn't even know what it was until I looked it up! :D


      Me neither. Ok, we're all now padawans. Hi padawan pals.


      hugs padawan pals !


      Can I just say you're like, one of the sweetest people I've ever met... I just... You make me really want to give you a hug... virtually stretches out arms and hopes for the best


      Yes, eventually it does, but four days is waaaay too soon to expect it to come naturally, even if you are a genius. Learning a language is like learning to play a musical instrument or learning how to dance, not like learning the multiplication table. It takes time, and practice, and trying to cram it in is counter productive.


      yes, it gets easier. just keep practicing!


      Eventually (for me) little things I don't have to think about. It is small, but it is something. I don't I have to think about how to conjugate "I am" in French, I don't have to think if apples are feminine or masculine. In theory the list of things that come naturally should grow. BTW congratulations on working so hard! Is it ok if I follow you? I need someone that is working harder than me so I have someone to try and match. I've been here for 2 weeks.

      [deactivated user]

        Yes you may

        [deactivated user]

          You are doing fine. You've been learning for just a few days, that is nothing. If you stick to learning, use more resources than just Duolingo, and keep investing time into French learning, you'll improve.

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