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"Ha'DIbaH ghaH'a' torgh'e'? ghobe'. tlhIngan ghaH."

Translation:Is Torg an animal? No. He is a Klingon.

March 17, 2018


[deactivated user]

    While I'm not an expert on Kronos's biology, I think it would be safe to say that, scientifically, it would be correct to say "Ha'DibaH ghaH torgh'e'."


    I'm pretty sure that the word Ha'DIbaH does not refer to the taxonomic kingdom, but to what Klingons view as lower creatures.


    This would make sense, seeing as the course says that Ha'DIbaH also translates to "meat."


    Careful with your words; you make it sound as if you believe that the Klingon word Ha'DIbaH can always be translated into English as "meat" when you say "also translates to".

    Ha'DIbaH can mean "animal" and it can mean "meat", but it doesn't necessarily have both possible meanings in every sentence.


    Why must it be translated as He is A Klingon, and not He is Klingon?


    In Klingon, tlhIngan is a noun, and so we've expected a translation as a noun -- "a Klingon" -- rather than as an adjective (Klingon).


    I thought it could be translated as A Klingon or Klingon always and without preference. It seems to me this has been the case thus far anyway.

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