"Ho lasciato le chiavi sul tavolo, me le vuoi portare?"

Translation:I left the keys on the table, do you want to bring me them?

March 21, 2013

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This is a request, I think; so we would say "could you ' or 'Would you bring them to me' We do not really want to know if the person WANTS to bring them.


le vuoi portare is "you want to bring them" but in "you want to bring me them" the "me" is surely an indirect object because it means "to me" or "for me" . So it should be mi le vuoi portare or le vuoi portare a me (?) . Does le vuoi portarmi mean anything?


Ah, double pronouns. When an object pronoun follows another, here are a few examples of what happens:

  • Tu ti metti la maglia/Tu te la metti
  • Noi ci beviamo il vino/Noi ce lo beviamo
  • Voi mi date un libro/Voi me lo date
  • Lui vi cucina il pesce/Lui ve lo cucina

Just remember to change the first object pronoun from mi to me, ti to te, and so forth.


would you like to bring me them

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