Translation:the Klingon vowel I

March 17, 2018



Why does it not show what it means when you click on it


It's a general problem with hints for words that start with an apostrophe.

Duolingo's programmers know about this and are working on a fix (but I don't know when it will be ready).

Please don't report "hints are wrong or missing" for words starting with an apostrophe -- it's a known issue and reporting it won't get it fixed any faster.

For now, you will have to learn these words either by guessing and then looking at the correction afterwards, or by looking them up in a Klingon dictionary.

Alternatively, if you want to rely solely on the hints, you would have to pause using Duolingo for Klingon until this bug has been fixed.

[deactivated user]

    Lol, this is also the verb for "to be depressed".


    That is true. We tend to teach only one meaning at a time, and we don't teach that meaning until near the end of the course, but if you type that in on this exercise it will accept it.


    if you put in another letter it recognises the answer as correct but with a typo


    So this would be pronounced like I as in the sentence ' "I" will '


    No. It's pronounced a lot closer to the "i" from "will". The name of the letter 'It sounds exactly like the English word "it". Have you read the description in the Tips & Notes?

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