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"Včera byly dveře šestnácti bytů otevřené."

Translation:Yesterday the doors of sixteen apartments were open.

March 17, 2018



What about 'yesterday doors of sixteen flats were open' omitting 'the,' which would be quite common in English English


I found this sentence really difficult especially the word order -so how do I tell whether it is sixteen of the doors or sixteen of the apartments?


šestnácti is in front of bytů and has the same case. It must be "šestnácti bytů" = "of sixteen flats".


"Yesterday, sixteen apartment doors were open." Would this be acceptable translation also?


I don't know. Strictly speaking, "sixteen apartment doors" is "šestnáct bytových dveří". I am not sure about the policy here.


What is the difference in nuance between these two sentences: "Včera byly dveře šestnácti bytů otevřené." and "Včera dveře šestnácti bytů byly otevřené."? And isn't the second sentence standard and completely neutral in accent/intonation? This question is for a native Czech moderator, not non-Czech moderators.


I was thinking this was some kind of "realtor talk"; here in the states they say "open houses" for people to go look at homes or apartments to buy. Is this the inference here? It just seems an odd sentence otherwise referring to..?


No, I did not associate this sentence with anything like this. I always took it literally.

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