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semantic of "aber" per position

Hi, is there a difference in the meaning between these two sentences. "Oh, das ist aber schön!" vs "aber das ist schön"

Thanks with a lingot in advance:-)

March 17, 2018



I think we have two different kinds of aber here.

Aber das ist schön = But that is beautiful.

So we have the usual "but" here.

In "Oh, das ist aber schön!" aber works as a modal particle.

Here is a video about modal particles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Awhco_VHWE&index=1&list=LLob07Usy2joPfqJBgWWYmXA&t=302s


"Aber das ist schoen" implies a comparison, whereas " Das ist aber schoen" is merely an emphasis.


Thanks for the awesome video but "but" was not mentioned.


Kinda.. in my understanding it means: "Oh, that is but pretty" and the other "but that is pretty" if you think you can see that the 1st would be admiring something and the other saying to a person that it's pretty. example

situation 1

A: 'Ah, es ist eine Blume' B: 'Oh, das ist aber schön'

situation 2

A: 'Das Blume ist hässlich!' B: 'Aber es ist schön!'

you get the idea even though I changed the words a bit ;^w^


So it is similar to the definition in the english dictionary. - used to indicate the impossibility of anything other than what is being stated. "one cannot but sympathize"

Thanks, with a lingot.

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