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"Estudié mucho sobre Guatemala."

Translation:I studied a lot about Guatemala.

March 17, 2018



shouldn't "I studied much about Guatemala" be accepted?


I agree, I translated it the same way and was rejected. "Mucho" literally translates as "much", but apparently Duolingo prefers "a lot" in most of their translations.


Still not accepted - 04 Sept 2020 Reported.


"I studied Guatemala a lot" should also be accepted, no?


I disagree. "I studied a lot about Guatemala." to me implies that my study of Guatemala was thorough, broad and/or detailed but "I studied about Guatemala a lot." just means I spent a long time doing it.

I don't know if Spanish makes the same distinction.


me too 'I studied much about Guatemala' rejected 24/10/19


I couldn't identify the tense or person of "estudiar" at normal speed. Reported 17/03/2018.


Why is "I studied much about Gutemala" counted wrong??


I studied lots about Guatemala should be ok


Am I the only one who had trouble understanding that speaker? Could not get 'sobre", though I probably should have guessed it.


So why is it ok NOT to put YO here when in the other question ( I ate many spicy foods, and I wrote Comi' muchas comidas picantes, and it was called as an error?


Yo is never required in Spanish as far as I have seen. I have seen "Yo estudié" offered as an alternative but never marked as an error. There may have been a simple little mistake with a different part of the sentence. I typed "i studied a lot about guatemala" in that exact manner with no capitals and no punctuation and was marked correct with no suggestions on this one. There may have been something simple that you would have to reread 6 times to find on the last one.


"study...about" is not good English and I'll be reporting it.

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