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crash course in japanese?

[deactivated user]

    i'll be going to japan for a few days in a month's time. are there any recommendations of very short courses i can take online, or books to learn simple daily japanese (at bus/train stations, shops, restaurants)? i'm thinking maybe a travel phrasebook - has anyone had good experiences with any? i took japanese lessons decades ago but only remember random words. i still remember some hiragana/katakana and can read/guess kanji.

    March 17, 2018



    I am going to Tokyo for 12 days early May which is why I'm trying to learn. My advise is to think about situations where you will need to communicate with people and write down those sentences and find the correct translation. I have not gotten any phrase book to help because i want to rely on my own knowledge, but there is a surprising amount of English written to help out English speakers. I am sure there are some great ones that are small and fits places easily. Amazon?


    Maybe phrase books from lonely planet or rough guide?

    Or maybe Elisabeth Smith Instant Japanese or Kristine Kershul Japanese in 10 minutes a day?


    Duo is basically the crash course. That and maybe a travel phrase book will help you. I haven’t been doing the Japanese duo Tree long, but I’ve studied Japanese for two years and can say that the Japanese Tree is not very beginner friendly. A phrase book might help with that. If you want to drop into the depths of Japanese grammar, then my friend I am sorry to tell you that even after two years I have barely scratched the surface. Maybe there will be vocabulary you can learn from Memrise, but honestly I have found that force feeding myself vocabulary hardly ever works. Best advice I can give you is to just take what you learn here, grab a map, and where duo says “I will go to x tomorrow,” you should place the area you plan to visit in the context of the sentence duo has provided. It’s like algebra basically. Take the formula, shove in your own variables, and tada... you have a somewhat decent sentence.

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