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  5. "targhmey bIH."

"targhmey bIH."

Translation:They are targs.

March 17, 2018



Euh, I'm not a Trekkie; literally just learning Klingon just for bragging rights. What's a targ may I ask?


For Trek questions, I recommend the "Memory Alpha" wiki -- in this case,


(Short versian: it's an animal that lives on Kronos.)


I would be interested in hearing how much of a stumbling block it is to a non-Trek person to have Federation Standard and targs and tribbles in sentences. The Swedish course has plenty of moose, but not quite the same thing.


Doesn't bIh mean you are?


No -- it may look similar to the prefix bI which is used for "you ..." (e.g. bIHegh "you die" or bI'IH "you are handsome"), but bIH is a separate word meaning "they" or "they are".

Note that Klingon has a distinction not only between ghaH "he, she" and 'oH "it" in the singular, but also between chaH "they (capable of using language)" and bIH "they (not capable of using language)" in the plural.


Ahhh, so it should be if you were saying "you are targs" you'd say

targhmey SoH



Well, if one person is multiple targs, then yes.

SoH is like German du or Welsh ti or Spanish tĂș -- you would only use it when talking to one person.

For ihr / chi / vosotros, you have to use tlhIH: targhmey tlhIH "you (y'all) are targs".


It certainly seems like it should, but it doesn't! If this were Vulcan it would. Part of the beauty of Klingon is that it breaks patterns and has exceptions just like a natural language would.


I wish we knew more about the Vulcan language. Compared to Klingon, we've heard relatively little. Pon farr, kal-if-fee, kal-toh ... what else is there? Many of the Vulcan concepts we know of, such as the mind meld and the neck pinch, are expressed in English. We don't even know their Vulcan names.


I feel really sorry for the Vulcan language enthusiasts. They have repeatedly asked Paramount for decades to make an official grammar like Klingon has but are always refused. Because of that, there are multiple people all inventing their own grammar and vocabulary so the language is fractured and can't get a following. It had potential.

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