"His children are reading the newspaper."

Translation:Ses enfants lisent le journal.

March 17, 2018

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Hi I'm sure lots of people asked this before somewhere but.... shouldn't it be "sont lisent" ?


Please back translate:

  • sont = are
  • lisent = read

In neither language can you have 2 conjugated verbs one after the other.

"Reading" is the present participle or gerund form of the verb "to read". With the verb "to be" as a helper, it forms continuous tenses for action verbs.

The French present participle adds the suffix -ant to the verb's stem: "lisant". But the uses of the French present participle do not include the construction of any continuous tense.

"His children are reading" is a continuous present tense, which does not exist in French.

"His children are reading" or "his children read" translates to "ses enfants lisent", in present and context will tell the difference in meaning.

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