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"Usualmente visito a mis abuelos los domingos."

Translation:Usually I visit my grandparents on Sundays.

March 17, 2018



"Usually ... on Sunday" has the same meaning as "on Sundays." Both imply habit, and the former is more common in English, I would believe.


I suppose I;ll just have to put up with it, but this female voice cannot or will not pronounce the esses on the ends of the words - other endings like os or as cannot be distinguished either, I listened to the slow recording again and again, and there's definitely no ess on the end of 'mis', but I can just hear on the end of abuelos.


...visito a...unintelligible on my computer. Sounds like ...dubyaseepa. Don't know if its DL or the digital to audio on my laptop.


What the fudge is up with this voice? ? ? Is it supposed to be a child? WOW. Really bad.


I agree that on Sunday should be accepted. Another instance of Duo inconsistency as “on Sunday” is often listed as correct as a translation for on Sunday


If it doesn't accept I usually, then you should report it. Just saying. Even though I I'm doing this for another person who might come on here.

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A very bad pronunciation of "miS abueloS"


I cannot understand this high pitched voice at all and it is very frustrating. I may just give up on learning Spanish after several months of trying.


Don't give up! For heaven's sake, anything worth doing is difficult, but you don’t give up just necUse something isn’t super easy all the time!


What can I say that is any different than what has already been said. When you start a Spanish language course the very first thing you are taught is how to make the different sounds of the alphabet. Most of us are beginners trying to learn a language and at least initially should not be subjected to this manner of teaching. As my fellow students have repeatedly said...Duo should pronounce the words properly.


Well I put I usually visit my grandparents on Sundays and it marked it wrong. It should have marked it correct I believe it shouldn't be so rigid as there are many ways to say sentences in Spanish as there are in English.


But you are supposed to type exactly what she is saying even tho it's (yo) visito.


I know it's a rarity, but couldn't this also mean "I visit my Grandfathers"


What I don't like is she runs usualmente to sound like usualmen te visito.


This woman sounds drugged. She speaks like a zombie! Of all the millions of native speakers they could have used, hiw on earth did this particular woman get the job of helping to introduce Spanish to millions of people? She must be related to someone. Every Spanish speaker I know speaks crisply and with energy, and with pride in the beauty of their language. Are they using prisoners now?


I gave the exact translation but it still says wrong!


I've seen many comments about the clarity of the female voice. Personally I like it because it helps me when listening to normal Spanish conversations or watching Spanish shows. I just listen to the slow speed a few times then practice saying it with. the normal speed.


in audio it is singular 'mi abuelo'

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