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About Klingon pronunciation: Learn It The Easy Way (video)

When I start to learn a new language, I need to know proper pronunciation because I like to have listening comprehension as one of my top priorities, and this serves in my mind to tell apart one language from another. So having not sound in the course, I looked up on the internet and I found this youtube that I enjoyed, and among other things it helped me to know why the capital letters are this way. However, if there are experimented Klingon speakers here, I'd like to know their opinion if this is a video appropriate to take it as a model:


March 17, 2018



If your biggest concern is the pronunciation, I would recommend this video from the same series instead: https://youtu.be/YjROGAY19pU He does a pretty good job. When he first put up a pronunciation video he has some major problems, but his pronunciation has improved and he has put up this new pronunciation video which is much better. He sometimes "swollows" the final letter on a word. For instance when he says the word jup it sounds more like ju' because he fails to release the p. I think he puts more roll into the r than is necessary, but the way he says it is acceptable. I also don't think he puts enough force and raspiness in his H. Finally, he sometimes puts too much "ee" in his I (which should be like the "i" in "bit") and too much "A" in his e (which should be like the "e" in "bet". It's probably as good a primer on the sounds as you are going to get without private lessons from an experienced speaker.


Thank you very much for your advice. I have edited the discussion to put your link, since the video is better and shorter. I'll watch this lesson again when my pronunciation turns insecure.



I love the fact that the Klingon word for blood sounds like someone going "ew". :-D

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