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Tap what you hear: 午後三時にじゅぎょうがおわって

I use the Android app. Since a few weeks I get the new Tap to hear questions, which I think are a nice addition.

But there is one specific question of this type for which the answer is not accepted: This part is pre-filled: 午後三時にじゅぎょうがおわって and I add: いえにかえりました (selected from the 5 available cards).

The result is a red dialog with "You used the wrong word.", and the exact text I put together. The only difference is the correction has a "、" after おわって and a "。" at the end, so I suspect that might be the issue. Obviously there is no way for me to add those using the cards.

Does anyone else have this issue? Since I can't answer it correctly it keeps coming back. The only ways to get past it now is to either flag it as incorrect (it's probably not appreciated if I do that all the time) or to press "Can't listen now". Then that type of question is not given for an hour.

There is a similar behaviour with another question but in that case the answer is accepted and a green dialog is shown with a correction which is the same apart from the interpunction.

March 17, 2018


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