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J'ai commence regarder Peppa Pig en Francais!

[deactivated user]


    I'm finding these videos (there's LOADS of them) to be a great listening resource. Enough vocab to be challenging but not too hard to be off-putting. The stories are short enough to follow too :) And who doesn't love Peppa??

    March 17, 2018



    So cute! Thanks! I found some Dr. Seuss cartoons in french that are good! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEf3h1ly1RM=1=PLujgRwQL1CMFqQMBCm9Nhb315rWIMv4ka=0s


    Thanks for the Peppa link. I am also partial to Le Petit Nicolas. They are in a similar vein.


    I don't like Peppa very much but I agree with you that children shows are a great resource for learning a new language. I prefer the Backyardingans (les mélodilous), I used to watch them with my little brother when he was younger and I found a channel that has all the 4 seasons in French: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5S4W0yHgaQ

    Edit: I had to replace the link to the channel with a link to the first video because Duolingo was removing the ampersands and made the link stop working.


    c’est une bonne idée, plus facile que regarder le BFM TV

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