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"Ora vedo perché hai difficoltà."

Translation:Now I see why you have trouble.

March 21, 2013



Is anyone else having difficulty making it through "Abstract Objects 1". I keep on getting tripped up by "errors", which are somewhat questionable. A good (and quite appropriate) example: The correct solution to "Ora vedo perché hai difficoltà" is given as "Now I see why you have trouble", while "now I see why you have difficulty" is apparently wrong. Other examples include a disallowed translation of "epoca" as "epoch", rather than "era". I am continuing to plug away and reporting errors every time they arise, but it is a bit dispiriting and I am not sure what to do about it. I was thinking of going back to "master" some of the lower levels and wait for somebody else to iron out the missing and inaccurate translations, but perhaps that's not very public spirited of me. I would be interested to know what other people have done when they have encountered similar issues.

And thank you Femma Nikita for doing your best to keep up with all my error reports and thanks also to the rest of the duolingo team for what is already a quite fabulous service, despite the glitches.


"Difficulty" now works :) Thanks for continuing to report these, and I look forward to reading this thread. If it helps, I believe Abstract Objects is one of the more complicated skills simply because abstract concepts are so ambiguous.


No difficulty does not work, i have just used it and it was marked wrong:(


Difficulty still makes as wrong! And it's given as one of the translations for difficoltà!


Feel exactly like you! I am way back (have about 8 points I think) but there is already a feeling of terra incognita about it. I offered "Don't be late" for "Non arrivare tardi!" which was wrong. Next time through the lesson "Don't arrive late" was dutifully entered. But, absent all context, it seems wrong to be too picky about translations. Of course the other direction is even worse. I dare not fl;ag up all my errors, even when I have a shrewd suspicion that they aren't!

But Duolingo is fabulous, no doubt about that.

Edit "Don't be late" now works


The suggestion for "difficoltà" is "problem. So why do I get my translation rejected? "Now I see why you have a problem".


The word 'problem' is more common in every day usage than 'trouble' (especially in this specific phrase). Combine that with the fact that Duolingo has provided the translation "problem", it seems stupid not to provide it as a correct response. They also mean and convey the exact same thing.


'Because' no????? Why 'why'????


Well, how would the translation sound if you translated perché with because?. Now I see because you have difficulties. That's not proper English to me. Perché can mean both why and because. I see you also started learning German. If this helps, perché translates best with the German weshalb, which is used similarly: Why do you have difficulties? - Weshalb hast du Schwierigkeiten? And: I see why you have difficulties - Ich sehe, weshalb du Schwierigkeiten hast.


I can't see why the principle got rolled HAHAHA



The sentence "I now see why you've difficulty" was what was suggested as a solution and that is very incorrect in English. The contraction "you've" would never be used with "difficulty." It needs to be "you have" .


Shouldn't be "Now I see why you find it difficult" allowed?

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