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"The building is big but it is not pretty."

Translation:tIn qach 'ach 'IHbe'.

March 17, 2018



Why is it telling me I am correct even when I make big spelling errors?

I typed: tIn mach 'Q 'IcHbe'

It was supposed to be: tIn qach 'a 'IHbe'

That seems very wrong to me? What's going on there?


There are two words for "but" in Klingon: 'ach and 'a.

We only teach 'ach in this course but we accept 'a, in case a learner knows this word from elsewhere.

Single-letter typos that do not create a different word are usually silently accepted by Duo, so it thought that 'Q was just a single-letter typo for 'a rather than a big spelling error for 'ach.

Similarly, 'IcHbe' is just one letter off (an extra c) from 'IHbe'.

I'm a bit surprised that it let mach for qach slide, though, since mach is a real Klingon word.


As for me, the tooltips suggested to use " 'ach" for "but" not 'Q nor 'a


Klingons are so dismissive of things

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