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I'm at Level 15, but everything showing is a Redo.

I finally earned enough points to move up to the next level, but everything on the home page is a Redo. On my computer, I have enough points to move on, but my iphone and ipad are showing a different amount. Is that why? What gives? I'm ready to start my new level.



March 17, 2018



Actually, according to your extended profile, you seem to have finished the French course! Congratulations!

There are no more lessons now, so the best thing to do is move onto a resource for more advanced learners and keep your French tree gold. It's entirely up to you though.


Or, you can do a reverse course. Do English from French. It requires you to think in French and you get lots of French writing practice that way.


You could also Ladder. Learning a new language from French.


There are many options to strengthen your language.

I would advise to first to the reverse tree, to get a solid understanding of your target language, then, try laddering, since it requires no English.

After you've done those two, your options are endless.


I was told you can keep going. It said to add a certain number of points and I would move up to level 15, which it says I've achieved. Weird.


You can continue to level up in French, by revising your tree and keeping it good. You can't keep going down the tree once you have finished it.


Levels are based on how many points you've earned and are not, strictly speaking, related to how far along you are in the course. You could repeat "Basics 1" 3000 times and reach level 25. But you wouldn't know any French ;-)


I see your also studying french! I thought I would never find someone else who was studying french! I want to go to france one day and there aren't many french speakers nowadays due to english! But still its a fun language to learn!


> I thought I would never find someone else who was studying French!

For a start, you could subscribe to the French forum on Duolingo. You'll find plenty.

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