Translation:They hate each other.

March 17, 2018



Isn't the mu- prefix for a third person subject and a first person object, or is this a verb whose root is muS?


The latter.

Schuq cannot be a verb -- no syllable can start with two consonants in Klingon. So this cannot be mu-Schuq.

So muSchuq syllabifies as muS-chuq: the verb is muS "hate" with the suffix -chuq "each other; one another".


Of course. I am not yet seeing prefixes. Klingon has a surprising distaste for consonant clusters.


Indeed. The only three consonant clusters that are allowed at the end of a syllable are -rgh, -w', and -y', and two of those are nearly not even consonant clusters since w and y are semivowels.


bImobbe' ! I saw the same thing you did for the first ten or fifteen seconds. Even after I remembered the verb muS, the mu- prefix still lingered in my brain and confused me for a few seconds longer!

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