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  5. "Her house has two floors."

"Her house has two floors."


March 17, 2018



why no measure word for 层? I expected 两个层


层 is already a counter for floors


If 层 is the measure word then the sentence is missing an object. My understanding is that in this sentence 层 which means floor is the object, it can't be both the object and the measure word. If 层 is intended to be the measure word, then the sentence should be something along the lines of 她的家有两层楼。 with 楼 being the object .


With or without the 楼, the meaning of the sentence stays the same. It is clear that the object in question is her house (家), a 2-story building. 她家有两层.


The object is actually 层 not 家. also the object wouldn't come before the measure word.

If by "meaning being the same" you mean the listeners ability to decipher the speaker’s intent, then I agree that they’re the same. However, the sentence as is sounds odd and is likely grammatically incorrect. If I said “The house of hers two floors have” the average English speaker would get the meaning of that sentence, however it sounds odd and is grammatically incorrect.
Would appreciate input from native speakers on this.


Yes, as with many DL sample sentences, this one sounds a little unnatural and may seem confusing to some learners. Try look at this way, how many stories does her house have? 她家有几层?The answer is 她家有两层. As to the counter 层, a building can be referred to as XXX(number)层, for example, a 63-story skyscraper in Guangzhou, China is also known as 63层. Native here.


Do you say 两天 or 两个天?Do you say 两点 or 两个点? Do you say 两层 or 两个层? Answers: 两天,两点,两层。


In some cases it is, like 两层楼,but if 楼 is not implied, then it is better considered a noun.


You dont need to add 的,for possession most of the time.


I stuck there wondering whether to put it in or leave it out. Initially I left it out, then I had to remove most of the tiles to add it. Wish I was clearer on when it's added and when not. It seems a random thing, just there to ensure a level of wrong answers.


I think it would be more natural to make the translation be 她的家有两层楼,adding 楼 at the end.


The 两层 Word Bank tile is silent, they always stay silent for the entire lesson. Defective network code? Awful. Reported [The audio does not sound correct] 2019 June 12th Wednesday Opera 60.0.3255.141 Mac OS X 10.11.6 64-bit.

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