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Present 1 - Deutsch (please help!)

How can you learn Present 1 easier? For me it is quite hard, with all the different forms of words and such. Please help me!

March 18, 2018



Be sure to look at the Tips and Notes. I think charts will help you! It gets easier.

Edit: Oh after it gets easier it gets harder :). I'm working toward it getting easier again :). Hang in there! You can do it.


I recommend keeping your own notes - make a document on your phone/computer, or keep it in a paper notebook. Write down the tables for the common verbs and pronouns that you find on the tips pages - you will be able to look them up quickly when you need them, until you memorise them (it will happen with time!). Get used to the format that they use, and note the patterns and exceptions. You can keep re-doing the same Duolingo lessons until you have it memorised. Don't stress yourself trying to go too fast through the course. Even repeating the same lessons you will sometimes find new words and phrases.


Thank you, EL5tEl and az_p!!!! Have a lingot, both of you!

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