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"There is a cat under the table."

Translation:Il y a un chat sous la table.

March 21, 2013



Is it not possible to use "en dessous" instead of "sous" to mean 'under'?


In that case: "Il y a un chat en-dessous de la table"

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Please explain the usage of "Il y a" vs "voici" vs "voila"


"il y a" = there is or there are

"voici/voilà" mean "see-here/there" = here is or here are


They are not used for the same things. "Il y a" is translated "there is", and is used the same way.

"Voici ..." and "Voilà ..." are equivalent to "here is ... ".

"Voilà" can also be used at the end of a sentence or even by itself, to mean "Here it is / that's it".

  • "Voilà mon bateau."
  • "Voilà ! C'est celui-là !"
  • "Un peu de sel, un peu de poivre, et voilà !"
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