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  5. "wa'Hu' julegh torgh."

"wa'Hu' julegh torgh."

Translation:You saw us yesterday, Torg.

March 18, 2018



In the Klingon, torgh needs to be set apart with a comma.


True - thanks!

"Removed" this sentence now and replaced with a version with comma before torgh.


I answerd "Torg, You saw us yesterday" and it graded it as wrong. there's so many tiny english details like this. so frustrating.


One reason why the course is still in beta, to get niggling details shaken out.

However, I would say that the most natural translation is "You saw us yesterday, Torg" -- the Klingon has the vocative at the end, so why not put it at the end in the English sentence as well?

In general, keep the Klingon word order (e.g. torgh mara je = Torg and Mara, not Mara and Torg), unless there's a grammatical reason to change it.

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