"Don't eat unhealthy food."


March 18, 2018



What about 不要吃不健康的东西?

March 18, 2018


This course is inconsistent. That's the exact answer I gave which is from another item in this very same lesson, and it marked me wrong! Very frustrating... reported it.

May 31, 2018


It happened the say to me. Not to mention the correct answer given above has the character 别 that we haven't learned in level 1 of the current lesson.

July 23, 2018


And they still haven't corrected it...

November 29, 2018

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That's also correct.

March 20, 2018


That's what i mean

July 7, 2018


What the? At first duolingo teach me that phrase 不要吃不健康的东西 and then all of a sudden while asking to translate it from english it is 别吃不健康的东西 already? How come?

April 26, 2018


They should allow both. 不要 is less emphatic, or less directive.

May 19, 2018


不要吃不健康的东西 was counted wrong, even though I've not learned 别 yet...

May 13, 2018


不要吃不健康的东西 They literally taught that as a possible answer, and now it is wrong. Had not learned the word 别 yet

May 19, 2018


We didn't even learn 别 in this module, it was literally impossible to answer this... c'mon Duo!

June 17, 2018


Should 不要吃不健康饭 fit there?

March 18, 2018

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“不要吃不健康的饭” sounds much much more natural. We need 的 for balance of syllables. :-)

March 20, 2018


You can say 不要吃不健康的東西 or 不要吃不健康的食物 Mr.rM is right, there should be a 的 after 不健康. 饭 means rice or meal. Here we want to say 'food', so it's better to use 食物 or 東西.

March 25, 2018


And what about 菜. Doesnt that also mean "food"?

April 15, 2019


The answer


should be accepted. Not only the lecture notes only ever talk about 不要, but the particle 别 is never introduced before. Since all the words that are being suggested by the application allow to build the sentence I wrote, which is correct, I would expect it to be accepted. Reported.

August 4, 2018


Hey, y’all, life is too short to hyperventilate over one little character. Yes, duolingo did allow 不要 as meaning don’t, and I can’t tell you all the nuances of when a native speaker would use it instead of 别, but I can tell you that once you learn the character, 别 appears more natural and (almost?) universally used, not 不要。Yeah, it seems Duolingo has erred in requiring a character it hasn’t properly introduced, but hey, as yo go through the course and realize how many thousands of characters and combinations are presented, and further that the writers are human, you should be able to take the occasional slip in stride. (A few of the English translations seem non-native, or maybe British English instead of American or vice versa, and I have seen a few characters taught with a different tone in the sound track than on the screen.) But when you learn a language, you will find much greater discrepancies than these, and you have to roll with the punches. Flag (apparent) mistakes, and ask why things don’t seem right so you can learn, discuss nuances and alternate translations, but never whine.

August 6, 2018


What is the difference between 不要吃 ... and 别吃...? Are they exactly the same, or is there a subtle difference in tone or meaning?

April 8, 2018


They are the same here.

April 26, 2018


The first word in the "correct" answer has not yet been taught in the lessons. I've kept careful notes since lesson 1 and I can't find it. So how can I correctly use it?

July 28, 2018


This needs more down-votes. Like the rest of the commentators complained, 不要 is the only word we learned for "don't." We didn't learn 别. I reported the injustice again.

July 28, 2018


Don't understand that first character. Why is it there instead of just bu yao?

August 6, 2018


别吃不健康的食物 was not accepted.

August 12, 2018


Why shall I add a 的 here?

October 3, 2018


My literal translation of this sentence. Leave off eating not healthy things.

October 4, 2018


I think my answe is correct!

October 8, 2018


Exactly! The first word nit given as an option.

October 10, 2018


That's what I put, too because that was in the lesson! Usually they allow two different answers if they're both correct..

November 2, 2018


Unhealthy "food" is not the same as unhealthy "things“

March 17, 2019


Can't we say 不要吃不健康的菜。? Or is 菜 not used in this context?

April 17, 2019
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