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How do you translate a sentence like "I'm going to send them to her" into French?

I'm confused about pronoun order. Is it:

Je vais les lui envoyer


Je vais lui les envoyer

And why? What's the rule?

March 18, 2018



It’s “Je vais les lui envoyer.”

There is a very specific rule (Ohhh no...) which goes:

me/te/se/nous/vous —> le/la/les —> lui/leur —> y —> en, then the verb

This rule works all the time except for positive commands*

*Then the order goes:

le/la/les —> moi/toi/lui/nous/vous/leur —> y —> en

Hope this helped!


It probably did but its a lil bit confusing


In that case... how can you tell the difference between "send them to her" and "send her to them"??? would you please explain?


Send them to her = “les lui envoyer”

Les = them (direct object)

lui = to her

So, if you don’t mind a bit of broken English, them to her send. = Send them to her.

Send her to them = “la leur envoyer”

La = her

leur = to them (indirect object) Like I said before, if you translate without adjusting the order it would be: her to them send. = Send her to them

Does that clear it up?


Il est clair maintenant une fois que je le vois. Vous expliquez très bien! But to be honest... It still takes a long time to process in my brain. I guess you just have to get used to it, right? Merci quand même!

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