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"Slovenská slova pro kouřit nebo počítat jsou úplně jiná."

Translation:The Slovak words for smoke or count are completely different.

March 18, 2018



The given translation is incorrect, because the Czech is using the verbs "to smoke" and "to count" whereas in the English, those words are nouns as stated. To make those into verbs, you'd have to put it like this: "The Slovak words for smoking or counting are completely different."


Not sure, I'd say that would be kouření nebo počítání.


The English rendition in the app is definitely a little weird though. The acceptable translation I got was: "The Slovak words for smoke or count are completely different." At least you would need to surround "smoke" and "count" with quotation marks, and writing the infinitive "... words for 'to smoke' or 'to count' are ..." sounds a little better.

If you did not want to require quotation marks in a correct answer, using the gerund "-ing" in English is also natural, no quotation marks needed: "... words for smoking or counting are ..." Perhaps "kouření nebo počítání" is a more direct analog to "smoking or counting," but on the English side of things, at least, I think it's a reasonable translation.


There should at least be quotation marks around the verbs "kouřit" and "počítat" to clarify that these are the words which are different in Slovak.

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