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  5. "mamaw''a'? HISlaH. Sumaw'."

"mamaw''a'? HISlaH. Sumaw'."

Translation:Are we crazy? Yes. You are crazy.

March 18, 2018



This is a useful phrase XD


It's very difficult to execute even one glottal stop after the syllable maw, let alone two. The final sound of that syllable, "w", is made by the lips, then you have move all the way back to the glottis for the glottal stop ... it just feels completely wrong from a linguistic standpoint. :-)

I guess the Klingon language doesn't have the process of assimilation. Oh dear, I fear I'm treading far too close to a Borg pun here. ;-)


Homer Simpson's famous catchphrase, D'oh!, would be something like Dow' in Klingon, I think -- lip rounding followed by glottal stop.


Yeah, on second thought after posting that, I realized it wasn't quite as bad as I was making it out to be. There are some sounds that are difficult to make in close proximity to each other because they're in different areas of the mouth, which is where the linguistic process of assimilation comes in - sounds moving forward or back in the mouth, for example, or becoming voiced or unvoiced, because of the influence of another phonetic component either directly proceeding or following them. But actually, a glottal stop is probably one of the easier sounds to stick into the middle of a word without it really affecting the sounds around it. I was just having trouble trying to pronounce mamaw''a' at the time. :-) Thanks for the comment and example.




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