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  5. Grâce à ou grâce de?


Grâce à ou grâce de?

I'm not entirely sure what the difference between "grâce à" and "grâce de" is? Could someone provide the context and grammatical rules for using each?

March 18, 2018



The various examples in here should help.
Look for "grâce de" and "grâce à" with your browser's search-engine to see them all.


So, "Grâce à jrikhal, je comprends maintenant". (Thanks to jrikhal, I understand now.)

"La grâce de Dieu" as in the link is pretty specific, for the grace of God, but you could also talk about "la grâce de la danseuse" (the grace of the dancer). "Grâce de" doesn't mean "thanks to".

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