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  5. "vum tlhIngan."

"vum tlhIngan."

Translation:The Klingon works.

March 18, 2018



...pagh Hegh tlhIngan!

March 18, 2018


The conjunction {pagh} doesn't work like that. What you're trying to say would be phrased in Klingon as {vumbe'chugh tlhIngan vaj Hegh tlhIngan}.

March 21, 2018


Okay, the definitions here for thIngan are (the) Klingon / Klingon (person) / klingon. A previous definition also mentioned Klingon (language).

So I tried "Klingon works" as in 'Klingon is a reasonable language for us to converse in, it works for me'. And was told that the correct solution was "A Klingon works". So a) where did the indication that this applied to a A SINGLE Klingon come from, and b) is the definition of vum = works specific to 'performs a task in exchange for something', or does it also mean (as it does in English) 'functions appropriately'?

March 20, 2018


Klingon (the language) is tlhIngan Hol.

Just tlhIngan on its own is a Klingon.

Also, vum is "work" as in "toil, labour", not "work" as in "have an effect, be successful".

March 20, 2018


this audio is not working for me.

January 13, 2019


Are you on Android? This sentence does not yet have audio, but the Android app seems to be having a problem where it pretends there's audio on sentences that don't have it. Do you happen to have a screen shot?

January 13, 2019


I am in Android and I do not have a screenshot.

January 13, 2019
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