Nosotros and Nosotras.

I don't know how to tell when "nosotros" should be used and when it should be "nosotras,"' and I've seen nothing so far that would give me any guidance.

4 years ago


Thanks. That does help. But in lesson sentences it's hard to tell why which usage was chosen. And in spoken passages it's hard to tell whether the masculine or the feminine form was used.

4 years ago

The difference between Nosotros and Nosotras is the gender. Nosotros is masculine and is used when talking about a group of men or a group of men mixed with women. Nosotras is feminine and is used when talking about only a group of women. I don't know if this explanation is good enough, but I hope it helps c:

4 years ago

Buena respuesta✔.

4 years ago

So basically like ills and elles?

At school, we're learning basic french, so I was kind of using it to help with spanish.

10 months ago

It helps, gracias! merci! danke! thanks!

9 months ago
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